First week reveals plenty of features

As on most sites the first week at Bridge Farm 2014 (BRF14) involved a lot of cleaning back after the trench had been opened by mechanical digger. The results of all the hard work by our volunteers and students was rewarded with clear indications of archaeological features to be recorded on the pre-x plan before being half sectioned and recorded prior to complete excavation. The ditch that appeared on the geophysics to run the lengthy of trench is now looking like two smaller parallel ditches cut by another at the south western corner. There appear to be many smaller post/stake holes as well as the 13-14 large squarer post holes of the 20 x 7m post-built building which dominates the north eastern section of the site.


Cleaning back begins

Trench 5 location in east corner of Five Acre Brook

Location of trench 5













As last year the site and features are offering up an abundance of Roman pottery with a good number of iron nails and a smattering of characteristic fine bluish green glass.

Everyone is now keen to start the excavation of features including several sections across the long ditch and the very careful sectioning of a possible oven.


Copter shot from 5th July

As you can see from the images  the ‘copter shot taken on Saturday 5th looks refreshingly similar to the magnetometer survey image, to the great relief of those who chose the location.

Five Acre Brook 31x22 trimmed

2014 magnetometer survey image

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