Faces familiar and new at Bridge Farm; second week

The first half of the second week saw the team excavating the smaller post holes and shallow pits in the NW side of the trench. 3 slots were also excavated in both of the main ditches as well as 2  quartering the intersection. This proved that the NS ditch, which runs across the west corner of the site, cuts the NE-SW double-ditch feature that runs down the length. More work is needed on both these features but particularly on the double ditch to try to see the whys, whens and where of these two parallel ditches, which currently appear of  roughly the same width but with the easterly much deeper than the west. The slot against the NW baulk of the NS ditch is also proving interesting as it seems to be the southern edge of a large and deep pit which, surprise, surprise, lies mainly under the baulk, though fortunately not under the spoil heap!


David bestaked


Kat beditched


Lyn posted














John ‘I’m sure it was here when I started?’

Admin and finds

Admin and finds










Some old hands are back with us in the finds marquee as well with Ann, Dick, Maria and Silvia assisting new recruit Teneka from Canterbury University.

During Wednesday afternoon the Canterbury University undergraduates, plus any volunteers who wished, were shown the mysteries of resistivity. The initial 2 squares of a 20m grid to the NW of the excavation trench proved a doddle after the extended site gridding session of last week (I still have the nightmares), although once again the learning process was extended by some unscheduled repetition after line 16 proved troublesome (I did say it was a mystery)! Sadly, as often on the alluvial flood plain, the results were not as outstanding as the magnetometer results although it did show the continuation of the NS ditch northwards of the deep, part baulked, pit (top right corner of image).


The image from the 40 x 20m res survey

Rain prevented excavation on Thursday but there’s always flotting of the environmental samples to brighten a dull day!





The Canterbury U/Gs plus others learn the mystical art of resistivity

The Canterbury U/Gs plus others learn the mystical art of resistivity

Marcus on the wire

Marcus on the wire

Stuart(2) and Madelaine

Stuart(2) and Madelaine on the logger

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