Good digging for weekend after washout on 10th!


Stuart busy planning east corner

Friday 11th to Monday 16th proved really good for digging as Thursday’s rain had brought all the features into good contrast. More returnees from 2013 were joined with some of the old MSFAT team on Saturday and Sunday as more post holes, pits and ditch slots were dug, recorded and drawn. Stuart continued with the planning of the site and photographing finished sections. Much speculation was caused by a seeming circle of post holes appearing around a large burnt area in the eastern corner. Do we have a round house as well as out large rectangular building?

BF14 14.7 002

Oven-like feature

On Sunday the attention turned to the oven like feature to the NW of the double ditch about two-thirds up the trench which seems to have been cut by the western ditch despite the smearing of red on the ditch surface. But this was superseded on Monday with the excavation of Feature 007 (or JB as it has been christened- 007!). This has yielded magnetic scale and what appears to be a form of slag (subject to specialist analysis) suggesting that we may have either a metal working hearth.


Possible metal working hearth

From the fill of this feature emerged an intriguing  group of sherds which appear to be a shallow dish with three neat holes pierced through its base sparking suggestions from a sieve for butter making, part of a ceramic bee hive, to an incense burner with draft holes. Other suggestions, preferably sensible and backed by comparison or knowledge to our email please.

BF14 14.7 004There is a lot of interesting pottery coming out of the site keeping the finds tent busy.

Thursday’s rain saw some improvements to the Recreation Arc back at the farm with the addition of double glazed patio doors (non- functioning) to the front to make it a lot more weather-proof than the previous marquee walls, as the campsite saw a sudden increase in occupation with Kevin, Pete and Brian arriving over the weekend.

And we still haven’t touched the  13 large post holes of the rectangular building so their is still lots of good archaeology to come!

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