Large post holes yielding water-logged posts

Lunchtime with surveying posts in the eastern row of post holes

Lunchtime with surveying posts in the eastern row of post holes

From just one or two we now have post bases in all the eastern row of 6 large post holes plus the 13th hole that showed in the geophys but not on the ground has now been revealed and it too has the remains of a post. So what about the western row of 6? Well yes several of those have now been dug deeper to find the remains of posts in the bottom and this work continues tomorrow and Saturday. So if you have never excavated a Roman period post of 400-500mm diameter now may be your chance. However we are not taking them out as we already have a sample which is sufficient for our needs and the best place for the others is where they are unless any prove to be intricately carved like the timber from PH8.

7.8 011

Rob and John in our productive well


The other important area of excavation is the well which Rob and John concentrated on today whilst the 2 submersible pumps worked overtime. This excavation is worth taking slowly despite the rising waters as special find after special find is detected and recorded amongst the animal bones and pottery. Another small AE late period coin was found today in situ so hopefully we should be able to get a fairly accurate date for one of the lower fills of this feature. Juliet is in the other large pit taking out the final quarter and recording a series of stakeholes. We are still looking in the gaps for further smaller post holes and these too are proving deeper than at first thought though bare of post remains to date.

General finds processing is catching up as the diggers concentrate on the deep post-pipes rather than the pot rich ditches and pits. Still lots to do and only 3 days to go. John Funnel of BHAS and CBA (SE) dropped by for his second visit today and we are looking forward to some old friends from AOC arriving on site for Saturday.

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