Open Day and Bertha

Unfortunately it would appear that we have an uninvited guest coming to our open day from across the Atlantic i.e. former hurricane Bertha. Weather reports as usual are a bit varied but all suggest inclement weather for this morning. Getting to the site involves a 10-15 minute walk across 3 fields which can be muddy around the gateways. The forecast appears slightly better from 1pm. We plan to be on site unless conditions become unworkable i.e. heavy rain and wind.

We planned the tour times for 11am to 1pm as we will need most of the afternoon to undertake the considerable task of closing the site, however we may extend/delay the 1pm tour slightly if it appears conditions are due to improve, as one forecast predicts.

Please be sensible and make your own decision as to the desirability of visiting the site, and if you do wear suitable clothing/boots etc. There may be cattle in the fields and there is no public right of way, access being by kind permission of the land owner and occupier, so we would ask you not to bring your dog/s.




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