Open Day and digging cancelled

Having inspected the the site and the access through the field gates we have reluctantly had to CANCEL our planned OPEN DAY and any other works on site today. This holds even if the weather improves as the the farm gateways and parts of the path across the fields are a sea of mud and are very slippery and will not improve today even under bright sun.

We have therefore closed the site and no-one will be on site today. We are sorry that Bertha has made us take this action and can only refer you to our website, local papers, Sussex Past & Present for information and articles on this year’s discoveries.  Rob and I are already booked to give a number of presentations with local groups this winter so look for those as well.

Our thoughts also go to our stalwart volunteers who have to try and take their soggy tents down today and hope that this afternoon may bring them a brighter gap in which to get packed up.

All the best to you all and thank you for all your efforts over the last 6 weeks.

You’ve been brilliant as always,

Rob & David

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