A very exciting ‘special finds’ weekend

Firstly special thanks to those who turned out over Saturday, Sunday and Monday to process finds, flot and record the post-pipes.


I know that face!


What lies at the bottom of a post hole










The well after only a few minutes of turning the pump off!

Rob put his snorkel back on and completed excavation and recording of the well but 100% sampling of this fantastically organically rich feature has left a mountain of material still to be flotted. Clara and Jo continued with the complete excavation of post hole 1 (the only one we are fully excavating). Every one involved  in these features and the post pipe recording got gloriously dirty (sadly no photo – please send in any taken on phones etc) but the job was completed with all 13 post pipes now recorded to arms reach depth. The post remains (excepting PH9) will now be carefully back filled with appropriate fill to hopefully preserve them for a few more hundred years or subsequent specialist excavation!


The sole of the shoe showing hob nails amid the leather and soil


But what could top our carved post pad timber – well the back half of a leather sandal might just do it. Although not as rare it has that special feature of being something that was once owned and worn by someone who walked over this site around 1800 years ago. After quick photos and measurements were taken the sandal/shoe together with its filling of earth and apparent hobnails was boxed in water, supported by appropriate packing and sealed in black plastic to await specialist examination and conservation. The photos are understandably a little difficult to interpret but sadly we cannot risk exposing  this item to further sunlight or air.

Running hare enamel brooch

Running hare enamel brooch

More coins came from the surrounds to the excavation with a well preserved Diva Faustina Senior dupondius/as, so post AD141, a late 3rd century Antoninianus (radiate to you and me) and a 3rd to 4th century minim. But the find of the day for David and George, our metal detectors extraordinaire, must be the zoomorphic enamelled brooch representing a running hare (next years t-shirt?).

I am waiting to hear if further work and volunteers are needed this coming weekend so watch this space!

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