The finds keep on coming!

OK, so this was the last weekend and we were supposed to be clearing the site and packing things up but there’s always that last tempting bit of archaeology to do apart from 3 barrows and a couple of dozen buckets of fill to sample. So firstly thanks to the half dozen stalwarts who came to our aid – we certainly had quite a day!
First Franz found a 35mm diameter turned disk in the flot of the well (009) which we are still not sure if it is wood or shale but is beautifully turned. No research done yet but presume it is a small spindle whorl.

Turned spindle whorl

Turned spindle whorl

We then decided that posthole 9 as free from post and postpad should be dug out quickly to get any finds from the post hole surrounding the post for dating the construction of the building. This was given to Sarah Foster  as a commercial archaeologist and CAP veteran. But things never go quite to plan at Bridge Farm and Sarah shouted that ‘there be wood a the bottom of the hole ‘. Further inspection below the waterline by the long arm of the Rob suggested another large prepared timber, and then a smaller stake, and then a bit that seemed to have a curved end (sounding familiar). You’ve guessed it, we had not only another substantial block off a beam but another OG carved timber as well. Sadly this suddenly makes our first ogival carved beamend a little less rare as now there are at least 2 !

This rather hampered the planned ‘breaking of camp’ which must take place today as the digger arrives first thing Monday morning! Hope to see you today, Sunday, last chance to see the site and take part.


Block of prepared beam from PH9


Our second ogival timber from PH9









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