A good first week

Firstly a big thank you to Bruce, Dave, Lindsey, Nick and David J, for answering the call last Saturday and helping us to set up the site, your essential assistance much appreciated by the CAP committee and hopefully by those who arrive at a site ready for excavation!

Those who have been out this week have probably grabbed the best of the conditions. For once the stratigraphy of the contexts is clear to be seen in the damp profiles; but we all know it won’t last for long once the sun dries them out. Conditions for trowelling have been absolutely perfect although there has been a lot of heavy work done and the safety stepping of the well surround by Lindsey, Nick and Max was a gargantuan effort. Lindsey was then rewarded for her hard work with the prospect of clearing the gloppy re-deposit from the bottom of the pit in the SE corner which will also be fully excavated this year.

Lindsey, Nick and Max finding the well

Nick and Lindsey are our prime site supervisors this year assisted by Dave Ladds when on site. Nancy and Ann are once again in control of the finds unit assisted by Maria. Stuart is supervising drawing and photography whilst Rob and I, as all site directors, will be sipping Pimms and relaxing on adjacent loungers (nothing new then).

This will be the last year in Trench 6 (no honestly it will) so the emphasis is not only on answering the questions outstanding from the previous year’s excavations but making sure we get everything recorded fully and correctly, as we won’t have another chance. PLEASE NOTE that this is the responsibility of EVERYONE on site not just the supervisors and directors.

We look forward to seeing you whether digging, in the finds units or if not volunteering then on a site visit on our open weekend 29th -30th July.


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