No digging on the 12th July

The heavy rain on the night of the 11th left the site in no fit state for safe excavation. Just the supervisors and a few helpers allowed on site to pump out the deep features so that the excavation areas could dry out during the day and allow access on Thursday. Some damage was caused to carefully cleaned back sections and the pit and steps around the well were both flooded and damaged. Lyndsey found an alternative use for a surveying pole (see photo) in helping to channel water into the deepest point for pumping out under Nick’s supervision. In the end the old methods of a bucket chain was deployed as well. On the plus side some of the contexts became very much easier to see in the damp conditions.

Luckily all the campers seem to survive without major problems and the finds unit had many extra helpers for the day as well as some flotation of samples getting underway.

Five days later and everyone was complaining  about the hard dry state of the trench – that’s Bridge Farm for you!

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