Drawing from the well

Drawing, or rather pumping, the water from the well has become the starting ritual for every extra day spent on site. The more we looked at it the more it became obvious that drawing from photographs was not the answer; somehow we had to do it from inside and to some extent ignore the curved structure of the top section and draw the four faces aligned with the square of hefty planks (they have proved to be between 35 & 60 mm thick so don’t really qualify as beams in my book) that surround the well at about a metre down from the top of the conglomerate capping.

The measuring and drawing process in action

We set a string line above

It certainly fills up like a well!

the capping and in line with the plank for that face and then continue in the approved section drawing fashion but including all the stones and timbers regardless of their position in the vertical plane. The process is a long and at times frustrating one but the results to date are looking good and we hope to produce a 360 degree panorama drawing of the well’s interior in this fashion. It takes at least 2 hours to complete each face as there is still quite a lot of fine cleaning and investigation undertaken during the measuring process. A lot more detail is being revealed by this process vindicating fully not only the decision to draw this feature, but also the merit of old-fashioned section and plan drawing in general in this digital age.

We hope to finish the recording this Saturday as the weather seems to be set fair for a change and if all goes well (no pun intended) I will then post the finished  panorama drawing on to the blog. This site keeps on giving and we always have unexpected features in every trench we excavate which demand our best efforts in both the excavation and recording disciplines.

Thanks to all those lucky ones who have helped with the final phase of this year’s dig and commiserations to all  who came and worked but never saw the Well in all its glory; I trust the photographs and future powerpoint presentations will be some compensation.

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