A panoramic vision of the well

In the end the measuring and drawing of the well’s interior took yet another day as the base had to be excavated with a small sondage to try to see how deep one of the upright timber supports went. In the restricted space this was quite difficult and was abandoned when the upright plank was still descending at 250mm below the base. The fill from the sondage did add weight to our conjecture that the bottom of the well was at the base of the large slabs of chalk that formed the wall below the square of planks. It was definitely more clayey than the fill above and was completely free of any artefactual fragments suggesting that we had reached a natural rather than cultural sediment.

The panoramic view is a composite of all four elevation drawings and therefore includes certain features in more than one section. This is particularly noticeable with the upright timbers A & B as they appear face on in one section and on edge in the next. Being elevations rather than sections the drawing includes features of varying depth as if they were all in one plane. The well widens out towards the top and is only square at its base so strictly speaking the panorama should appear like a fan, but I decided that keeping the stratigraphy level was more important than preserving the exact form of the various courses as they head towards an artificial corner. Compromises made I still feel the finished result gives a good indication of the construction of the well and the various materials used; and after all the time I spent down it I ought to know!

We have now cleared the site of tarpaulins and other extraneous clobber as we hope to have some drone shots taken in the next week or so. We have also been in discussion with the landowner, Mark, and are in the process of agreeing on next years trench location, which we will release on the blog during the autumn once everything is finalized.

We also intend to undertake a magnetometer survey on The Crink during September to see if we can find the route of The Greensand Way. Anyone wishing to help should contact Stuart on

We hope to see you at one of the many presentations we are booked to give over the winter – I will be putting up a list in the near future in case you need a winter fix of Bridge Farm to keep warm.


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