USAS Talks 2018

University of Sussex Archaeological Society Lecture Series 2017/18

All talks start at 7.00pm (just turn up)

Venue: Fulton Lecture Theatre A, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9RH

Sussex Uni students – no charge; USAS and SAS Members and US staff – £2; Non-Members – £3.

Free parking at the University after 5pm. Frequent buses to/from Brighton. The nearest railway station is Falmer.

Thursday 25 January 2018

Iron Age Memory vs Roman Metaphor; re-reading the archaeology of a client kingdom

Speaker: Gordon Hayden

This lecture reassesses the immediate impact of imperial Rome on Hampshire and West Sussex, an area which has long been accepted as one of the major post-conquest client kingdoms. Evidence from bounded landscapes, architecture and more portable material culture, highlights a degree of continuation of Iron Age traditions, and also how these interplayed with incoming ideas and practices. The lecture will also address the Roman practice of using architecture to make metaphorical statements and suggest possible motivations behind the development of the Chichester and Fishbourne areas.

Thursday 22 February 2018

Late Roman Ramparts in Northern Gaul and their Social Implications

Speaker: James Bromwich

From the later third century many cities of northern Gaul were enclosed by ramparts. These differed fundamentally from the defences that surrounded the colonial foundations of the south, such as Nîmes, or the military fortifications that lined the Limes in Germany and the walls protecting northern Britannia. Archaeology has revealed a great deal about how they were built, yet debate has largely focussed on whether these urban defences were constructed because of genuine threats to their security or whether they were built for display. I shall argue that more important than their impact on the physical environment is their role in marking a fundamental change in Gallo-Roman society as a whole.

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