John Spiller – deceased

It is with sadness and regret that I write to inform you that our friend and digger colleague John Spiller, known to many as Bonesy John, passed away on Tuesday 10th April.

John Spiller was one of life’s great characters; you always knew it was tea break, or even lunchtime, when he meandered on to site. But he had such a cheerful disposition, forever smiling that he brightened up the site every time he came along. He was always very enthusiastic if he found a really nice pot or other artifact, but he really loved bones, any bones. If he, or anyone else, found a bone, he was onto it in a flash, and would give an analysis of what animal it was, and which part. We shall miss him wondering around the Bridge Farm site checking out what everyone else has in their finds trays, seemingly oblivious of what he was supposed to be digging despite some rather blunt hints from supervisors and directors. He truly was one of a kind.

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