Road surface, pot sherds and slag

Two weeks in and with the CCCU undergrads now on site we are beginning to get this new area of the site cleaned back to the top of the intact archaeology. This has had to be done with due care as the overburden is full of pottery sherds and at least two substantially whole pots are currently under excavation, one possibly a mortaria in an off-white fabric. As usual we are collecting a good amount of iron slag although seemingly not from the road this time so possibly indicating iron production on site. The finds unit is already feeling the strain so any pot washers/markers will be welcomed by Ann and Nancy.

Compacted flint road surface

The area of road surface is made of compacted flint on an iron rich sandy/gritty base with loose flints above and is curiously in an area of the trench that is very shallow. So far it appears to have been robbed out or destroyed by ploughing to the western end of the trench.

This next week should see the whole trench surface cleaned back to a depth where hopefully some more features will be revealed so that decisions on deeper excavation over the subsequent 3 weeks can be made.

Mass cleaning of trench surface Friday 15th

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