Interesting features starting to appear

3 weeks in and at last we are seeing some real archaeology appearing. As always there seem to be a number of large pits but also what looks temptingly like a series of post holes adjacent to the edge of the road. Whilst there are still areas to take down a spit at a time we are also starting to mark out some slots and half sections.

On the finds side we are still recovering a lot of samian, much in good colour coat condition, including a large sherd of a Drag 37 bowl showing a figured scene. Photo to follow as has yet to be cleaned up.

The coming week should really see a difference on the site especially as we have the potential of another 15 excavators as the CCCU second year under-grads have completed there training weeks and will now be on site more.

We also still have a lot of the fill from the well excavated in 2017 in trench 6 to get through the flotation tanks which could prove a popular exersize if the weather forecast of hot sunny days proves correct. This will produce more residues to sort and the finds unit still need help dealing with a the backlog of finds coming from the current excavations.

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