Pottery, curiously aligned postholes and more pottery

The 4th week on site with all the students free from the initial training programme has really seen things start to happen.

A ‘dump’ of finewares

Flask neck, rim and part handle

The site is still producing an abundance of pottery sherd, a good proportion of which is fine wares including samian and some very fine whiteware, possibly from the Nene Valley but yet to assessed. A nearly whole mortarium in a cream fabric with little in the way of trituration grits has been found and towards the end of the week a flask neck and a ‘dump’ of the white fineware (probably beakers) with some samian sherds was uncovered needing careful removal. Closeby some large body sherds of amphora were also revealed with at least one showing the characteristic globular form of a Dressel 20.

Whilst the large feature to the east of the trench is starting to appear this may have to await the 2019 season to be fully explored. A section through the best area of the E-W road is showing some results and is to be taken through the hard packed context to see what lies below. A large slag filled pit has been half sectioned and recorded as have several postholes that were abundant with flint and ironstone packing.

It was noticed at close of play on Wednesday by Sarah foster that three of the postholes seemed to be in a curved alignment and the drone shots taken on Tuesday were re-examined to see if this was significant. A circle was then digitally imposed on the image which showed that the circumference also passed through two other features thought previously to be pits. Further investigation in the trench revealed another pit/posthole on this line in sequence with the original three. further excavation/investigation will hopefully either support of disprove this theory but a large round structure would be a first for the Bridge Farm site. With the fine weather due to hold well into next week we look forward to a lot more to report in the near future.

Drone shot of the site with a circle imposed over the series of postholes

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