Report on the Finds Excavated in 2007. Pond Field. By David H. Millum


The artefacts recorded in this report were excavated during 2007 at Pond Field, Culver
Farm, Barcombe, East Sussex, centred on NGR. 542350 114575 (TQ423145). The excavation
consisted of a 20 by 23 metre open trench which had been stripped of topsoil by machine
prior to being hand-excavated by a small team of students and volunteers under the project
directorship of Rob Wallace and site supervision of David Millum. The principal aim of the
excavation was to uncover a Roman road discovered in a trial trench in 2005 and investigate
its immediate surroundings. The site lies some 800 metres north east of a recently
excavated 3rd century Romano-British winged-corridor villa and seperate bath house
complex (Rudling, 2003, p. 14).
The finds had been cleaned, marked and roughly sorted, but had not been quantified,
recorded or analysed, which was urgently required to assist interpretation of the site.

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