Field Archaeology Training Course




An Introduction to Field Archaeology & Excavation based on a Romano-British settlement site.

The Culver Archaeological Project is pleased to present the Culver Archaeological Field School (CAFS). The field school offers an introduction to field archaeology and excavations. It is aimed at university undergraduate placement level, but it is not exclusive and anyone interested in finding out the basics of archaeological field methods and practice would find this course a worthwhile introduction.

The field school will be unique as it will run as a four week course with eight days of training and with the remainder of the time putting what you have been taught into practice.

The course will comprise

  • Introduction: Culver Archaeological Project.
  • Health & Safety on sites and Risk Assessments.
  • Tools & equipment; what we use and how we use them.
  • Spoil heaps: how we manage them, (they are a risk in their own right).
  • On site machinery: role of a banksman.
  • Site formations: how we end up with buried archaeology.
  • Site recording: how & why we record, including site drawing.
  • Site excavation: theory and practice.
  • Finds processing: how we clean and record artefacts.
  • Site Photography: the formats we use, plus aerial photography and drones.
  • Environmental sampling: how & why, the complete process.
  • Site surveys: how to set out site and survey grids using tapes, dumpy level and total station
  • Geophysics: resistivity and magnetometry.
  • Standing vernacular buildings: recognition and recording.
  • Landscape: how to identify archaeology in the landscape.
  • GIS in Archaeology.

Bridge Farm 2018

Nr. Barcombe Mills, East Sussex
2 week training course: 11th-22nd June                        
A practical course in all aspects of Field Archaeology & Excavation based at a superb Romano-British settlement site. Includes Excavation, Geophysics, Recording, Finds & Environmental Processing

Course fees: £500 to include camp site, use of modern kitchen & rest room, flushing toilets & hot showers. You can also stay on for extra weeks as a volunteer, including camping, at £50 per week

Students will need a current tetanus vaccination,  4” WHS trowel, sturdy footwear, hat, gloves and waterproofs.