Our Team


Rob Wallace,

BA Hons, MA, PCIfA (Founding Director)

Rob began his archaeological career back in 2002, studying for a BA in Egyptian Archaeology at University College London. He worked and supervised at the Barcombe Villa Excavations from his first year, and promptly relocated there in 2005 to study for an MA at the University of Sussex.

Rob lives and works on Culver Farm for most of the year, and has worked commercially for Archaeology South-East, co-run an Egyptian study tour for students at UCL, supervised at Bishopstone Valley research project and worked a number of other projects including Sima de las Palomas and Cueva Negra in Spain.

email: rob@culverproject.co.uk





David Millum,

BA Hons, MA, ACIfA (Deputy Director)

David studied at the University of Sussex obtaining a Distinction at MA level in Field Archaeology. His dissertation was a major desk-based synthesis on mapping the archaeology of Ringmer, the parish which includes the Bridge Farm excavation site (see Articles on Culver website). Until 2012 he was an Associate Tutor with the university teaching  Excavation Techniques during their summer excavations.

David has supervised on the Culver Project every year from 2007 becoming Deputy Director in 2011. He also supervised the excavations at Barcombe Roman bath house for the University of Sussex from 2010 to 2012.

In 2009 he directed his own excavation of the Roman ‘Greensand Way’ at Plumpton (see Sussex Archaeological Collections 149) and has addressed the Sussex Archaeological Symposium in 2010, 2012 and 2013, as well as being a regular speaker at many local societies and contributor to Sussex Past & Present and The Lost Scroll. He also authored an introductory paper on the Bridge Farm settlement in Sussex Archaeological Collections 151 and contributed a chapter on the medieval period for Archaeology of the Ouse Valley, Sussex to AD 1500, published by Archaeopress in 2016. He is also ‘to blame’ for the project’s comprehensive site manual ‘To CAP it all’.

email: david@culverproject.co.uk


Sarah Foster


Sarah studied archaeology at Newcastle University and is currently researching for her masters in Anglo-Saxon settlement and landscape, also at Newcastle University. She has a wealth of fieldwork experience from Bishopstone 2004-5 (Sussex), Black Patch 2006 (Sussex), Buckfastleigh 2005 (Devon) and supervisory experience from College Valley 2007 (Northumberland) and took an honorary supervisory role at last years Culver excavations!



Stuart McGregor  


Stuart retired from public office in early 2012 and has since been indulging in his two favourite pastimes – archaeology and power boating. He was recently appointed Secretary to the Culver Archaeological Project Committee.

Stuart has been dabbling in archaeology since 1998, studying at Sussex and Bournemouth Universities. He has completed a course in forensic archaeology and has been involved in a number of police investigations, assisting forensic archaeologists in the search for, and recovery of murder victims.

email: stuart@culverproject.co.uk







Clara González Hernández

Clara has been involved in archaeology since 2001 supervising at Sima de la Palomas and Cueva Negra,  Murcia, Spain, both being Neanderthal  sites. Since arriving from Spain in 2012 Clara has taken an active role in CAP in excavations, geophysical survey, and planning and artefact drawing. Clara has now joined the CAP committee and she is our IT expert and has revamped our website.

email: clara@culverproject.co.uk


Markus Milligan


Markus studied archaeology at the University of Birmingham and has developed a string of heritage websites for archaeology groups, organisations and projects for the outreach of archaeology to the general public. He has worked on sites throughout the UK, as well as overseeing archaeology projects within the middle east. Markus is currently an Editor and site owner of Heritage Daily : Click Here